Chubtoad reviews Justice League #1

Chubtoad here…

Well it finally came!  The event we waited all summer for.  The launch of the DCU New 52 happened last week with the release of Justice League #1.  I waited to post my review until we discussed it on the show.  So if you would like to hear an in depth discussion on Justice League and the new 52 along with Flashpoint in retrospect you can listen to Nerd Heard episode 27 here:

As for my personal review of Justice League #1 done by the creative team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, I can sum up my reaction in two words: Very Happy.  As a long time comic book fan and reader of DC, I really enjoyed this book.  We don’t get to see all of the members of the league just yet and I can see how for some that might be a disappointment.  However, the setup and journey of this story builds in an awesome epic fashion that is well paced and has the right feel and tone for this new DCU.

We get introduced to a world where superheroes are not thought of as “good guys” nor have they really been thought about at all.  We open up 5 years ago with Batman fighting a big bad and in comes Green Lantern Hal Jordan to save the day!  We get some great dialogue from Batman and Hal and learn a lot of what the current world views on superheroes are.  Geoff Johns writing style is apparent and well done as usual in this book.  The way the story unfolds is simplistic storytelling, yet complex and layered all at the same time.

It was very smart of DC to start this off with the top selling DC characters Batman and Green Lantern.  This move will hook the readers old and new alike.  The complaints that I have heard about not getting the full story in this single issue are absurd!  Storytelling in the comic media has become more and more like television storytelling these days.  You get a story arc that spans a number of issues (usually six) that is comprised of mini stories that build upon themselves along the way.  Comic books are no longer a single issue adventure.  Comic books are a journey of story with intricate and intelligent plots.  Justice League #1 is the start of the journey for this title.  We get a tease at the end of Superman vs Batman that has this nerd all kinds of excited!

Lee and William’s art is put together extremely nice and is packaged in a way that is very pleasing to the eye.  The level of detail that this team put into this book is stunning!  The whole creative team knows exactly what they needed to do to keep old readers and attract the new crop of comic book fans and they pulled it off smartly.

I am extremely impressed with this new 52 so far and I love this Justice League book!  I highly recommend it to all demographics of comic book readers and I am looking forward to not only the rest of the new 52 launch, but Justice League #2 as well!  In case you haven’t already, GO PICK UP THIS BOOK!


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2 thoughts on “Chubtoad reviews Justice League #1

  1. I am in complete agreement with my co-host. As a newby to comic books, this issue of Justice League has made me a huge fan that cannot wait for future installments. I love books, television shows

    • Hit wrong button…and books that take you along for the journey and I believe JL#1 is the start of a spectacular trip that I must take.

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