Nerd Heard Episode 121 – Midget Porn

Hello listener(s)!  Chubtoad is finally on vacation and not travelling for work any longer.  Chubtoad is in Texas for the holidays and met up with the man, the myth, the legend Kenneth E. Hayes, the Danger Ace and the Blue Mollusk.  Chubtoad had the portable recorder with him and the gang decided to record an impromptu episode of Nerd Heard.

We had no planning, no notes and were not prepared at all, so this episode went off the rails a few times.  Listen at the end for a classic Nerd Heard holiday treat.  So if you need something to fall asleep to, then plug this episode in and take a listen to what these nerds heard!

**Chubtoad is co-host of Nerd Heard with Kenneth E. Hayes.

Nerd Heard focuses on nerd and geek culture. We discuss comics, movies, television, video games and anything else nerdy. Nerd Heard is hosted by Richard “Chubtoad” Sheldon and Kenneth E. Hayes.

Listen to what these nerds heard:





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