Nerd Heard Episode 137 – Hail Hydra!

In this edition of Nerd Heard Kenneth and Chubtoad catch up on Agents of SHIELD as well as The Winter Soldier.  They also finally discuss the season 4 finale of Walking Dead.  Danger Ace throws some science at us and we discuss this week’s pull list of comics. Little warning – there were some sound issues on Danger Ace’s end and some of the comic review section has background noise.  we apologize for the inconvenience.  Most of the episode sounds ok though, so put your ears on and take a listen to what these nerds heard!


Nerd Heard focuses on nerd and geek culture. We discuss comics, movies, television, video games and anything else nerdy. Nerd Heard is hosted by Richard “Chubtoad” Sheldon and Kenneth E. Hayes.

Listen to what these nerds heard:





Twitter: @nerdheardonline




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