Nerd Heard Episode 136 – Starbucks Reunion

Chubtoad went to Texas unexpectedly and while there he got the gang together to record this week’s edition of Nerd Heard at a Starbucks in Arlington.  Starbucks closed earlier than expected so they recorded the second half in the car!  This is the most unorthodox recording of Nerd Heard ever!  The nerds discuss the TMNT and X-Men trailers as well as other Nerd News.  Danger Ace hits us with some science and space while in Chubtoad’s Comic Corner the guys talk as best they can while driving, about this week’s books.  So grab a whole, triple viente  caramel machiotto and take a listen to what these nerds heard!


Nerd Heard focuses on nerd and geek culture. We discuss comics, movies, television, video games and anything else nerdy. Nerd Heard is hosted by Richard “Chubtoad” Sheldon and Kenneth E. Hayes.

Listen to what these nerds heard:





Twitter: @nerdheardonline




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